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Day Invitations (1 per household)
For guests attending the ceremony, meal and evening reception.   Generally sent six to eight weeks before the wedding.   Response Slips, Maps/Directions and Wedding Lists can be included.

Evening Invitations (1 per household)
For guests attending the evening reception only.   Generally sent six to eight weeks before the wedding.   Response Slips, Maps/Directions and Wedding Lists can be included.

Wording can be in Scots or English, formal or informal (see suggestions beow). However, it should be noted that, while happy to provide customers' own wording, adjustments may require to be made in connection with Scots idiom and spelling in particular, to conform to the authentic traditions of the language as set out by Scottish Language Dictionaries Limited and with regard to which we are privileged to have the guidance and expertise of the Research Institute of Irish and Scottish Studies at Aberdeen University, Scottish Language Dictionaries Limited, Edinburgh, the Scots Language Centre, Perth and Scots Tung, Musselburgh.
We also reserve the right not to provide a mixture of Scots and English which, in our view, would compromise the integrity of Scots as an officially-recognised minority language in its own right.
Response Slips
A more affordable (paper) alternative to Response Cards, enclosed with Day and Evening Invitations encouraging guests to respond by a date set by you. Guests' transport and dietary requirements can be included, if desired.
Information Slips
Detailing, for example, directions to venue for out-of-town guests and any other relevant information.   Size and price based on requirements.
Orders of Service
One per guest or per couple with additional copies for choir, clergy etc, handed by ushers to guests on their arrival for the ceremony.

Price based on 2 hymns. Additional hymns/text at extra cost - price provided once requirements are known. As some hymns have more than one version, exact wordings are required with order. If preferred, can be treated as a separate order once guests' responses are received.
Economy Orders of Service (Non-personalised)
As Orders of Service but without covers/with hymns only.
Events Of The Day
An optional extra, placed within Orders of Service, listing the day's events with approximate times.
Tartan Photo Requests
These small cards are distributed to guests with Orders of Service inviting them to join the couple after the ceremony for a "tartan only" group photograph.
Place Cards
Required if there's a table plan.   One per guest or per couple.
Details with order, please.
Thank You Notepaper
A more cost-effective alternative to Thank You Cards.   To complement stationery.
Depending on the design, Insert paper colours either match exactly or have been carefully selected to complement the outer cover. To enhance the overall appearance,
Matching/Co-ordinating/Contrasting Internal Text Colours
Many companies offer only basic internal text colours, with perhaps a few others at additional cost. Ours either match the outer cover or complement other aspects of the stationery. Other colours may be available at our discretion, but not if, in our view, they compromise the overall effect of the design.
Are included in the prices.
Hand-Crafted Ranges - No Discount
Please note that there may be slight variations between the hand-crafted designs - part of the appeal of a hand-crafted product.
Minimum order 20.   While many stationery companies specify quantities in multiples of 10, we provide exact requirements, but recommend that great care be taken when calculating, allowing several extra to cover errors, keepsakes, forgotten (!) guests etc.
Quantity Discounts
(IMPORTANT!  Please note that quantity discounts do not apply to hand-crafted ranges)
Discounts on embossed / foiled ranges are as follows:
Up to 20 - no discount
21 to 30 - 10%
31 to 40 - 15%
41 to 50 - 20%
Over 50 - 25%
Products - Availability
Although very rarely a problem, it is important to stress that we are unable to accept responsibility for items discontinued by our suppliers, in which case we will do our utmost to provide suitable alternatives.   Similarly, and particularly in relation to special orders, timescales quoted by us to you are based on timescales quoted to us by suppliers, and while we guarantee to meet all requirements within our control, can accept no responsibility for supplier delays.   Early contact therefore strongly recommended!
Customer places order, discount (if any) is calculated and invoice issued (uness placed online, in which case, calculations are made automatically and payment requested via PayPal.   Please note that preparation of proofs for approval / processing of order does not commence until invoice is paid in ful and (if paid by cheque) the cheque has cleared, which can take up to 5 days.
Wording Proofs
Please be aware that approval of proofs is required prior to printing.   Please ensure that these are correct in every respect prior to signing, as any errors discovered following delivery will be remedied at customer's expense.
Timescale / Despatch / Collection
Timescale varies, depending on quantity and complexity of product(s) required and current workload.   For example, a large order of personalised, hand-crafted items will take longer than off-the-shelf products. As a very rough guide, despatch is generally approx 2 - 3 weeks for the former and 4 - 6 weeks for the latter.   It is very helpful if the customer can provide two dates for delivery / collection, a preferred and and an acceptable date (say a week later).

Small "Top-up" Orders
For customers who have under-estimated requirements, additional "top up" orders will be treated as separate. In other words, a higher percentage of quantity discount for the total of both will not be deducted from the second.
In such circumstances, it should also be noted that if such items are out of stock and a special order requires to be placed with supplier(s), additional charges are likely to apply.
In Conclusion
Should you have any queries not covered above, please feel free to email us at

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