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The aim of the group is to promote the Scots language, its culture and the Keith/Strathisla area. The group will be set up as a social enterprise which will be a vehicle for the promotion of the local indigenous language. By raising its profile and status, we will be attempting to raise the confidence of Scots speakers and create a marketable cultural commodity for the area.

Keith is a strong area for the Scots language but there is no local focus to promote this aspect of our culture or to develop work around the theme of the language. The group aims to raise the profile and use of Scots through a variety of means including organising social events and providing learning opportunities designed to increase participants’ knowledge of the language and their confidence in its use. The group has been formed by local people wishing to promote and celebrate the use of the Scots language in the area, and includes individuals as well as representatives from established festivals such as the Keith Traditional Music & Song Association.

Events will be organised to showcase different aspects of Scots, including art forms such as bothie ballads, story telling, writing and poetry. Whenever possible, these will be integrated into established and well-promoted events such as the Doric Festival and Keith TMSA Festival, and will attempt to include as many members of the community as possible. The group will aim to make the programme varied and inspiring to enthral local people and attract visitors to share in the cultural celebrations.

Working with local schools will enable the group to complement existing provision of Scots language education. The aim is for this to be done in a fun and engaging manner to make the local language come alive for pupils. Also, contacts with other organisations could be expanded to allow the development of reminiscence-type work to be developed for local nursing homes etc. Combining these two strands will enable intergenerational pieces of work to be created which could produce exciting products as well as benefiting both parties.

We envisage that through the events and activities an impetus will emerge to allow a small social enterprise to flourish. As well as confidence, it is hoped that members will develop skills which will allow the creation of marketable goods that promote the area, culture and language as well as the events themselves.

By working alongside other groups and existing events, the group will work in partnership to provide support for those groups’ activities as well as a focus for the Scots language at these events. Furthermore, by raising the profile and status of the language, we will attempt to create a marketable cultural commodity linking to heritage, farming, whisky, local food etc, developing as a social enterprise creating and selling Scots language merchandise to create a revenue stream for the group as well as an outlet for the creative aspects of the project.

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